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Freshly Picked Styled Shoot

Weddings are typically celebrations of timeless traditions, I honor this with my choice of props, vases and flowers. 

The decor elements are humble but romantic.

The look is elevated, fresh and elegant rather than rustic vintage. 

The look asks for a finely curated collection of interesting mismatched antique vases, where the shape and subtle colors of each vase is a key ingredient. 

These old fashioned flowers and seasonal blooms was favorites in our grandparents gardens.

Their lustrous petals are too marvelous and their heavenly scent will perfume your reception as well. 

This is the perfect look for a spring wedding, for romantics with a nostalgic bent.

The palette here is pastel power but rather than washed out pastels I added some complexity and depth by using blooms in coral, bright yellow and the sherbert hues of pinks.

Photography: Marsel Roothman

Concept: The Delicate Nature

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