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Meet Judy

Flowers, gardening, nature and the great outdoors have been part of my life ever since I can remember. I grew up in a family of enthusiastic gardeners and watching them plant, grow and care for seedlings, sparked a passion within me. I was usually in trouble for harvesting their seasonal joys too often! Exploring nature is a vital part of my floral design work and I’m constantly seeking new inspiration, ideas, and patterns when I hike. I’m most creative when I’m surrounded with the innocence of nature, in its most undisturbed state. Whether it’s the way light bends between trees, a small pattern or a colour combination, I find everything that fuels my creativity in nature’s raw beauty. I see it as my responsibility to bring that beauty to life at a wedding or event, representing it as realistically as it was created in nature.

With the combination of a deep love for nature and a curious creative side, I always knew I would end up in the creative industry someday. It came as no surprise to my family when I started a course in clothing and interior design after school. After completing my studies, I started working in the antique and interior design industry and soon left for the USA where I stayed for four years, completing various courses in antique jewellery techniques and working in the same field.

South Africa soon came calling and I moved back to Stellenbosch where I worked at the Arts department of the University for a while. It was during this time, that I was introduced to Okasie - legendary floral artists! Chris and Dané were the perfect mentors and my passion for flowers and plants suddenly burst into all kinds of colours, dreams, and hopes for the future. My background in antique jewellery and interior design suddenly came to play once I started designing flowers in a certain way. During my years with the Okasie team, my enthusiasm grew and unfolded, until one day when I decided to fly on my own and started Met Liefde Blomme.

For the past decade, Met Liefde Blomme was the seedling I cared and looked out for, but now it has bloomed into something new and exciting and delicate.

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