Imperfect Perfections Styled Shoot

Imperfectness. Beauty is not always in the neat.

Sometimes we can see it in the “little off” things too. Smile wrinkles. Timeworn cutlery/brass. A flower starting to loose its petals. A dripping candle. A crooked plate. Ripped paper. The "little off" is close to nature and the earth, and we were so inspired by this idea.

Muted tones of blue and gold metallics are one of the seasons biggest trends, but ask any floral designer and they will probably tell you that blue isn’t always the easiest color to work with. This shoot aimed to show brides and wedding suppliers alike that blue is not only fashionable for a wedding, but it can also be a beautiful out-of-the-box color that doesn’t always need to fit in with a delft or seaside theme.

If used cleverly and combined with the correct elements, blue can come to life in even the dullest
of seasons. We shot this scene in the middle of winter and wanted to put some focus on the season and environment too. So we ask, why not opt for a blue wedding dress? Why not use found seasonal florals and finds? Why not incorporate some fun feathery details. This shoot was a fun collaborative experiment!

Photography: Kikitography 

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Floral Designer - Western Cape, South Africa

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