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Carla & Klaus

Carla was a student of mine, in the jewelry department. Her family is insanely stylish and creative. To co-create with them was a visual dream come true. Table cloths and napkins were specifically made for the wedding and the flowers were to mimic a Dutch inspired mood, complementing the fabrics customized for this wedding. Playing with different color candles and using imported roses, tulips on the bulb, artichokes and nigella pods and lots of moss and nuts to complete the picture, were some of the visual elements used to create these table scopes.

Photography: Stephanie Veldman

Venue: Langverwagt

Fabric Dresses: Isobel Sippel

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StephanieVeldman_Carla&Klaus-631 (2).jpg
StephanieVeldman_Carla&Klaus-632 (2).jpg
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